Environmentally friendly doggy poo bags!

Posted 2 Mar 2018

Why chose these bags? 

There are a variety of options for doggy doo bags, however if we can contribute to be environmentally friendly then what a bonus!  

Many sea animals are caught up in plastic bags in the water ways causing them injury or worse, death. Did you know that a clear plastic bag floating in the water looks just like and edible fish to a dolphin or whale? Hence the reason for change to 100% biodegradable or compostable bags.  

The material that most plastic bags are made of are also dangerous to our environment. Did you know that most plastics are made from non-renewable sources such as petrochemical products derived from crude oil – the same oil that is used to make petrol for cars. And we all know the impact of car emissions on the environment, and our lungs.  

So what are the options you ask, well read below. 

Which bags help the environment? 

1. Oh Crap – ohcrap.com.au 

Oh Crap is Australia’s number 1 and 100% compostable doo bags! They disintegrate rapidly in landfill and compost completely. Some biodegradable bags break down into smaller plastic pieces, which then poison our waterways and kill animals. Think of it like glitter going into the waterways. However ‘Oh Crap’ does not and is fully compostable in 6 months. 

2. Cardia Compostable – cardiaproducts.com  

Compostable doo bags are the next best thing! They break down within 12 weeks in the compost. These bags are made from starch which break down into elements like carbon, water and compost. These bags contain no heavy metals and fully biodegrade in 6 months. 

There it is, let’s all choose wisely. 

“If every dog pooped once a day, that would equal about 3.4million poops a day and that’s over 1.24 billion poops annually. We no have a choice, place these poops into plastic to sit in landfill for the next 100 years or enable them to be back into the ground in 6months.” - Oh Crap!