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Husbandry: No, It Isn’t About Marriage

Posted 2 Mar 2018

Put yourself in this situation: During zoomies, your puppy has taken a fall. You aren’t sure what’s wrong but you know something isn’t right, so you take them to the vet to get everything checked out. However, now your darling pupper has become a growly monster from the deep. Never fear! All it takes is a little husbandry training to ensure you never see Grumpy Pup at the vets again.

5 things you probably do that your dog wishes you wouldn't!

Posted 2 Mar 2018

Even though humans have around 20,000-30,000 years of shared history with the domestic dog, there are still plenty of ways that we confuse or annoy our canine friends that we aren't even aware of. Are you guilty of any of these doggy don'ts?

Business Opportunities Info Session - 20 February 2018

Posted 7 Feb 2018

Find out how to own your own business, and with RSPCA School for Dogs you can enjoy the benefits of being backed by the RSPCA brand.

Everything you need to know about Puppy Classes

Posted 20 Nov 2017

Did you know your puppy does not have to be fully vaccinated to participate in puppy classes? Read these handy FAQs about our Puppy Classes.

Toilet training 101

Posted 26 Oct 2017

Do you have a pooch that hasn’t mastered the art of toilet training? Well you’re not alone, it is one of the most common issues we hear from our clients.

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