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How do dogs learn?

Posted 12 Nov 2021

Ever wondered why your pet behaves the way they do?
Read on to find out..

What is positive, reward-based training?

Posted 25 Jul 2021

Find out more about our gold standard training curriculums and how RSPCA School for Dogs sets you and your pet up for success..

Let's go on Sniffari!

Posted 14 Jul 2021

We’ve often heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, to dogs, a smell is worth 300 million pictures


Posted 10 Jul 2021

Did you know we have an exciting NEW LOCATION in Underwood while the RSPCA World for Pets Superstore is undergoing renovations? Check out all of our locations here!

How can I stop my dog pulling on the lead?

Posted 8 Jul 2021

Training your dog to walk on a loose lead not only encourages good behaviour but also acts as enrichment (treats AND walks? Please, do go on)!

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